Housing Survey

Totland Parish Council are carrying out a housing needs survey and the findings will be analysed, with the final document being completed and agreed by Totland Parish Council.

This study has been designed to understand residents’ current housing circumstances and their future housing needs (including other family members or other people living with them). The survey will also cover the additional need for people who work in the West Wight but may not live and may want to move to Totland from other areas on the Island. It has also been designed to understand what type of housing is available in the area and the extent to which it is affordable to local households.
In order to achieve the aims and objectives, the study involved:
  • A survey designed to understand the housing needs of existing and newly forming households and understand attitudes to further housing development in the parish; and
  • obtaining information about housing in the parish and the supply of housing, rents and purchase prices.
You can either download a copy of the survey here Totland Housing Survey and return to the Parish Office or our preferred option is for you to use the link below to complete the survey on line.  We can also deliver a copy or you can collect a copy from the Parish Office.

Survey Link  Totland Housing Survey