Summer Bins at Totland and Colwell 2023

Summer Bins at Totland and Colwell 2023

Councillors discussed the additional bins supplied for the summer holidays through Biffa and financed by Totland Parish Council, through the local precept, at the June meeting and sadly agreed this service was not working in the manner it had been set up for.

Three years ago, the Parish Council supplied and financed these bins to help keep the beach area clean and tidy through the summer with the additional holiday makers/beach users rubbish.  However, the amount of additional rubbish has increased enormously.  We have witnessed and challenged people who have thought it was okay to use this facility to dispose of their own general waste and general fly tipping, this was not acceptable.  These bins can only be emptied twice a week and on days when they are not emptied the rubbish piles high in the bin, to the point where the lid does not shut, but more bags are left to balance on top and around the bin on the floor.  Councillors agreed this made the area look unkept and certainly unpleasant for the holiday season.  Most of these bags are torn open overnight with the contents left over the paths and road and left to the neighbourhood to tidy this area along with the voluntary litter picker teams around.

Totland and Colwell have 7 bins along the sea wall, the standard Island Road ones which are located outside the toilets, along the sea wall and in the car parks.  It was noted there are no bins on the Freshwater side. These bins collect a lot of rubbish, however, they are also emptied daily during the summer.  Councillors have tried hard to encourage people to take their rubbish home with them and to not leave additional bags when the bins are full.

With all taken into consideration, Councillors agreed they would not provide the two large Biffa bins this year. They will continue to promote taking rubbish home and to not leave rubbish bags around the bin.

Please help us by not adding additional rubbish
to the already full bins.

Help us to Keep Totland and Colwell Tidy. 

Respect our Community.